Git 在工作目录之间使用 push 进行同步

Pushing to a non-bare repo is now possible (Git 2.3.0 February 2015).

And it is possible when you are pushing the branch currently checked out at the remote repo!

现在已经是可以在俩个 non-bare 的仓库之间推送代码。


git config receive.denyCurrentBranch updateInstead

就可以直接 push 分支到远程,并更新工作区。此方法可以用于项目部署。

receive-pack: add another option for receive.denyCurrentBranch

When synchronizing between working directories, it can be handy to update the current branch via ‘push’ rather than ‘pull’, e.g. when pushing a fix from inside a VM, or when pushing a fix made on a user’s machine (where the developer is not at liberty to install an ssh daemon let alone know the user’s password).

The common workaround – pushing into a temporary branch and then merging on the other machine – is no longer necessary with this patch.

The new option is:

updateInstead: Update the working tree accordingly, but refuse to do so if there are any uncommitted changes.

in remote repo:

git config receive.denyCurrentBranch updateInstead

and then you can use git push to synchronize between working directories in local repo.