Linux trash-cli 删除文件到回收站

andreafrancia/trash-cli: Command line interface to the freedesktop.org trashcan.


easy_install trash-cli


trash-put           trash files and directories.
trash-empty empty the trashcan(s).
trash-list list trashed files.
trash-restore restore a trashed file.
trash-rm remove individual files from the trashcan.


Can I alias rm to trash-put

在不少网站上看到:建议将 trash-put 命令通过别名的方式代替 rm

alias rm="trush-put"


Although rhe interface of trash-put seems to be compatible with rm, it has different semantics which will cause you problems. For example, while rm requires -R for deleting directories trash-put does not.

所以就使用 trush 来删除文件/文件夹到回收站

But sometimes I forget to use trash-put, really can’t I

可以通过建立 rm 的 alias 提醒你不要使用它:

alias rm='echo "This is not the command you are looking for."; false'

如果你真的想使用 rm,只需先加一个斜线来绕过 alias:

\rm file-without-hope

注意:bash alias 仅在交互式 shell 中使用,因此使用 alias 不影响脚本中使用的 rm 命令。

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